Tree & Shrub Care

Grass Genie’s Tree and Shrub care program consists of a plant health care approach to your whole landscape. Grass Genie’s will tailor our program to meet the needs of your landscape with a variety of treatments with an emphasis on inspection and monitoring.

Step 1- Horticultural Oil Spring 4/15-4/30 Alternate dates 5/1-5/15
 is the most effective spray for your shrubs, ornamentals and evergreens.  The oil not only smothers the overwintering insects in the shrubs that include egg masses, mites and adelgids, but it kills scale insects that can damage your valuable landscape.  This spray is done in the spring.  A second application can be applied in the fall to the evergreen trees. 

Step 2- Deep Root Fertilization and Systemic Insecticide Spring 3/21-4/54Alternate  dates 4/5-4/19
 Provides a balanced macronutrient and micronutrient fertilizer to the plants and root system, which helps to enhance plant vigor and plant health. A combination of fertilizer and systemic insecticide are injected into the ground around the trees and shrubs. It gets into the plant system through root uptake and protects and treats the plants health from the inside out. The fall application also prepares the plant for the winter season.

Step 3- Plant Health Care Inspection Insect/ Disease Control 5/15-5/30 Alternate dates 6/1-6/15
This control mixture provides mid-season protection against insects such as tent caterpillars, spider mites etc.

Step 4-Plant Heath Care Inspection Insect/ Disease Control 6/16-6/30 alternate dates 7/1-7/14
This provides mid-summer season protection against insects such as Japanese beetles, weevils, mites etc. .

Step 5-Plant Health Care Inspection Insect/ Disease Control 8/1-8/14 alternate dates 8/15-8/30
This treatment provides late season protection

Step 6- Horticultural Oil  Fall 10/20-11/5 Alternate dates 11/6-11/25

Step 7–Deep Root Feeding and Systemic Insecticide Fall 10/1-10/14 Alternative dates 10/15-10/30
 The fall application also prepares the plant for the winter season and strengthens the root system.

Step 8- Fungus Control
Fruiting ornamentals such as Dogwoods, Crabapples, & Cherries are very susceptible to fungus, and should have fungicides applied

Step 9- Anti -desiccant
11/5-11-19 alternate dates 11/20-11/30 Wind protection for evergreens broadleaf evergreens such as azalea, boxwood, holly and rhododendron.

Additional Services

Deer Repellant.
This application deters the deer’s from eating your valuable landscape. Grass Genie can design a program to meet the needs of your landscape.

Micro Injections
Microinjections are pressurized capsules that place pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizer directly into the vascular system of the tree.

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