Enjoy a high quality lawn, without all the work and cost of laying sod
Hydroseeding is a smart and much more affordable alternative to the difficult and costly process of sod installation. By having your lawn hydro seeded, you save more than 75% of the cost of sod.

What is Hydroseeding?
Hydroseeding is quickly becoming the chosen method to establish a lush green lawn. Grass seed, fertilizer and hydro mulch are mixed into a thick slurry, which is evenly sprayed onto your prepared soil.

Once your lawn has been hydro seeded, the grass seed and fertilizer are protected by an attractive, green layer of hydro mulch that seals in moisture and prevents rain from eroding the soil and washing away the seeds, even on steep banks. Because the seed was soaked with water in the mix, much faster germination occurs.

Your lawn looks fantastic –FAST!
Our special blend of premium seeds are applied along with additives that promote rapid germination and deep roots. You will see growth five to seven days after we hydro seed, and have a full lush lawn in two to three weeks. Our special mix produces grass with a fine blade and deep roots giving you a superb lawn not available with sod or other seeding methods.

Better than just “seeding.”
By having your lawn hydro seeded you achieve nearly 100% seeded growth. Each seed is suspended and protected in a mulch mat that won’t wash away in streams. Seeds are held securely in place by mulch fibers, which create a mini-greenhouse effect, retaining water and promoting germination.

Hydroseeding allows you to have a lush, emerald green lawn in days. It is grown in place to your soil conditions. There is never a problem with it not “taking” which can be a problem with sod.

Maintaining a Hydro Seeded lawn
We will use a tested, high quality, certified turf mix. Germination time depends on weather conditions, temperature and the amount of watering. Usually grass will be visible in five to seven days, a few days slower in cold weather

Care and Watering
Successful seed germination depends on a few days of special care. To assure proper germination, water regularly; two times a day in warm weather. Keeping the yard moist will maximize seed germination. You may walk on the surface when watering, being careful not to disturb the mulch mat. By keeping your new seedlings from drying out, you insure the beginning of a lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy.

Mow the grass approximately three weeks after seeding to stimulate growth and thickness. Set the mower on high at first, and then gradually slow it down.

Fertilize one month after seeding using a high nitrogen type fertilizer.

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