Annual Lawn Care Program

Our Annual Lawn Program has been developed to provide you with optimal results.

1st Application - 4/01-4/15 Alternate dates: 4/16-4/30
Spring starter fertilizer application is applied to promote faster greening and recovery from winter stresses by replenishing nutrients that were lost. During this application both pre and post weed control are applied

2nd Application – 5/15-5/30 Alternate dates: 6/1-6/15
Late Spring Application will provide your lawn needs with fertilizer at this time to maintain color. We treat any weeds with a post emergent weed control. We also inspect for any insect activity and treat if necessary.

3rd Application - 6/25-7/10 Alternate dates: 7/11-7/30
Summer Beautifier fertilizer Application is applied during the heat of the summer when many lawns struggle the most. With the appropriate amount of fertilizer we maintain the overall health and aesthetic appeal of your lawn. We also spot treat for weeds and we treat for surface insects.

4th Application - 8/15-8/30 Alternate dates:9/1-9/15
Late Summer Enhancer Fertilizer Application helps bring the turf out of the summer months and begins strengthening the roots and green and thicken the lawn. We spot treat for weeds and provide surface insect control if necessary.

5th Application - 10/01-10/15 Alternate dates 10/16-10/30
Autumn Extender Fertilizer Application will encourage the grass to begin to store it’s nutrients in the roots and prepare for winter. It will also promote an early green up of the turf the following spring. We will spot treat for weeds if necessary.

Grub Preventer Application 5/15-5/30 Alternate dates 6/1-6/15
Grub Preventer Insecticide Application is applied to safe guard your turf from grub damage.

Lime application can be applied any time trough out the season
Lime is applied to adjust the PH of the soil. This application will also help the effectiveness of the fertilizers used.

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